1. Open your web browser, e.g. Safari, Chrome, etc.
  2. Enter in the address bar Http//papercut.svu.edu (remember that this will only work on campus WiFi).
  3. In the Username box enter your name as First.Last, then enter your password you use for the Knight App and hit "Log in". After the first log in you may change your password if desired.

  4. Once you are signed into Papercut, click the link on the left-hand tab called "Web Print".

  5. Look for the "Submit a Job" link and click it.

  6. There will be two "Find me" printing queues available. Select one. The Black and White option is $0.05 per page. The Color option is $0.25 per page. REMEMBER, printing jobs that are sent to the color queue will be charged as color whether or not your page actually uses color. Make sure to select Black and White if you don't need any color! Any job sent to Black and White will be converted to Greyscale and charged as Black and White.

  7. You will then enter the number of copies you wish to print.

  8. The next step will be to upload your documents that you wish to print. They need to be a pdf file or any format that is listed as supported.

  9. Once the document has been uploaded click on "upload and Complete". Your print job will now be stored for 1 hour in a virtual queue that you can access at any Printer/Copier at the following locations: The Lofts, Jonzzeys, Main hall 1st Floor ( Outside the elevator), Main Hall 2nd Floor (Outside the SFS office), Magnolia Hall Conference Room, Landrum Hall Lounge Area, Hilltop Supply Room, and the Von Canon Library. To get your prints, simply pass your student ID card over the Wave ID sensor on the printer/copier.

  10. Your job will not print until you tap the reader with your ID card. Any job not printed within 1 hour will be deleted and the funds charged automatically refunded to your account. If there are any issues please submit a work ticket at Https://secure.svu.edu/helpdesk